Xin Metal Day Master

Aka Yin Metal, this Day Master represents beautiful jewelries, attractive decorative fine metal and gold. They shine and attracts, beauty and elegance are part of them.

Notes: The characteristics shown below depend on the strength of your day master. Each element in your BaZi chart plays an important role and influence the quality of your BaZi chart. Whether or not you have such attributes very much depends on other elements in your chart. The best way to find out is, you know yourself better whether or not you have such traits, then take the next step from there to improve yourself towards a more positive life.

Glamour & Luxury Lifestyle

They like to live a glamorous lifestyle and live in luxury. They are meticulous, elegant and live a superior quality of life, all these are important for them.

Like them, they like pretty things, look pretty and enjoy the finest things in life.


Sometimes small matters affects them dearly as they are sensitive in nature. They like to be in the center of attention, if this doesn’t works well, then it affects their mood, they crave for attention.

They must learn not to be too emotional, otherwise, they will make mistakes in their decision, this is also partly because they like to think too much.

May Seem Arrogant but Actually Not

When you know them a little deeper, they are adorable and charming. They can be persuaded to change their mind, as they have a soft nature side of them. They can give in when comes to keeping a relationship that is important to them.

Thrive when Admired

Xin Metal day masters like praises, they like to be admired. They thrive and shine when their essential qualities and expertise are appreciated and acknowledged! Like jewelry, attraction and admiration are important, this makes people want to own them and finally, make the purchase.

Great Communicator

Have the ability to hold people’s attention, thus making them a great communicator, this also partly because they are soft in nature.

They shine in front of others. Like jewelries, people pay attention to them, because they shine brightly!


Yin Metal day master is capable of producing exceptional ideas. They are intelligent, creative, and able to come out with an impressive quick fix to solve a problem.

No to High Stress

Naturally delicate, they cannot withhold high pressure from work or the people around them. Being rough to them is also a no-no, this will set them off. Jewelry is not something that you can handle harshly, you will destroy them unintentionally.

The Power of Convincing

Yin Metal day master knows very well on how to convince others.

They will study the facts and gather all the information before they speak to the relevant people.

This makes others agree with them as they use logic, and of course they appear to be very charismatic too, thus able to win over the business proposal.

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