Why Feng Shui

“Feng Shui” means Wind and Water in Chinese and is famously practiced in this modern era by the old and young generation.

Many houses and offices are now Feng Shui compliance. Different practitioners have different ways of practicing this art. Some used the art of placement or wearing charms. But some is about the natural energy that creates the “Qi” flow that affects your property that will benefit your life.

This energy is known to create a harmonious environment at home and at work. However, in order for the energy to work at its best, the timing and one’s BaZi also play an important role.

Timing is the date and time that has the prosperous energy at a certain location. However, the same location may not have positive energy permanently. The energy changes through time. BaZi is one’s personal energy based on the date and time of birth that can give in-depth information about one’s potential and luck cycle.

A Better Choice A Better Life

Feng Shui is used to help one make better choices in life for example purchasing a property. When a better choice is made, a better life follows. Every one of us would want a house that is safe, comfortable, happy, and pleasant.

What does it mean by better choice? It means making the right decision. For example, purchasing a property. A good Feng Shui property needs to be located at the right location that has the support of natural positive energy. This property is then able to support and benefit the occupants in terms of health, wealth, and relationship. For business or workspace, the useful energy will enhance business flow and bring wealth.

Although a house is Feng Shui-ed at its best, vibrant health and wealth will not happen if the residents do not utilize the energy. For example, one needs to tap into the energy by using the area more often. If one travels all the time, then no matter how good the Feng Shui in a property, it does not relate to that person.

One also needs to take care of one’s health by eating a healthy diet and exercise. If one eats junk food every day that contributed to one’s bad health, the energy will not be able to help, it is just not possible.

Doing the right thing at the right time is the best way to enjoy the benefits of positive Qi. Pair with the right attitude as well.

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