Waste No Time

Time flies and many of us don’t even notices it, it passes so quickly. Some are just too busy, but some wasted it by watching movies and sleeping. You may be in your twenties now, but very soon you will hit the four zero, five, and so on. Your life is moving in a speedy manner. No one can turn back the clock, no matter how powerful or rich you are, we all have the same amount of hours in a day.

Use your time wisely and add value to them, when we add value to them, automatically we will continue to use them to our advantage. Our ability to achieve success will be accelerated as we waste no time.

Time is free but it is priceless, you can’t keep it but only to spend it!

Urgent vs Important

Sort out the tasks that need your immediate attention as the deadline is near, for example, a proposal to the client that you will be meeting the next morning, this is urgent! Tasks that are important come next, as you will still have time to complete. The important task could be your sales target that you need to achieve by year-end. Or a quarterly report that you need to send to the headquarters by month-end. Clear those urgent tasks and then the important ones.

Avoid Distraction

First, you need to see what are the tasks that are time-consuming. If you have 20 tasks on hand that have the same deadline as well as the importance, clear those simple tasks first that do not take so much time to complete. Once you reduce the number of tasks that you need to complete, you won’t be so stressed as you may have cleared half of them before the deadline. This will give you more time to concentrate on those more complicated tasks. The complicated tasks need more time to think, experiment, research, and so on. If you do the other way round, it will be stressful when you have the number of tasks lingering in your head that you have yet to complete, this will distract you.

Begin With The End In Mind To Accomplish Quality Work

Never forget to “do it right the first time” as you do not want to come back and redo it all over again. Plan ahead, plan your work to reduce waste time. Even when you are making your coffee at the pantry, think of the end result if you were to use the option you have in mind, what would be the end result, will you convince?

“Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.”~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

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