Hi, I’m Priti P, the author of this website.

Most of us like to talk but not listen, I included.
Writing let me talk silently and share my thoughts with those I have an affinity with.
I “Welcome You” and “Thank You” for reading my blog.

Ever wonder why things happen to us unexpectedly? How about bad relationship one after another? Are the world we lived in to blame? Understanding the luck you are born with will find you the answer, and the awareness will let you make a better decision. This is what BaZi is all about. Why not learn it, and let it assist you in getting to where you want to be!

I blog on my knowledge in Chinese Metaphysics and self-improvement which I find useful to help those who need to improve their lives.

Some of you may already know the fundamentals of Chinese Metaphysics, thus in some of my articles, you will be able to pick up the relevant information that is helpful to you.

For newbies, re-read will help you to better understand the art.

Life is full of choices and opportunities… ONLY IF WE ARE AWARE OF IT.
This is the reason why this website is here today.
I believe we are able to create the desired destination we dream of.

I hope you find my blog useful to you, and I wish you all the best in improving your life through the free energy that is surrounding us.

Happy Reading & Learning!

“by discovering nature, you discover yourself” ~ Maxime Lagace

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