The Dominant Ten God

The number of Ten Gods in a BaZi chart tells us about the characteristics of a person. The complexity of a chart depends on how many Ten Gods are present in a chart that makes them more complex than the others.

Some charts have only 2 or 3 of the Ten Gods, but some have 8 or 9, can you see the complexity with the latter’s chart? This also means this person has a more complex outlook and personalities in life.

External Characteristic

The Ten Gods or Stars that appear on the stem is known as external character, which means the first impression we get when we first meet someone.

For example, a Rob Wealth star denotes an extrovert, we will conclude that this person is an extrovert after meeting them the first time. However, this may not be their actual character if the star only appears on the heavenly stems.

Internal Characteristic

As for the one that appear on the earthly branch it is known as internal character, this will be the true characteristic. However, only when you know this person for sometime, then only you will be able to see this side of them.

For example one of the quality of an Eating God star indicates someone that is creative, however, it is not immediately noticeable.

Sometimes the person themselves also didn’t aware of such character, especially if it is represented by the Ten Gods that are in the hidden stems.

Dominant Characteristics

Dominant Characteristics tells us the strength and weaknesses of a person, this is instantly noticeable and is not hidable even when the person try to.

Knowing someone’s dominant characteristics or traits, be it someone that is close to you or even your worst enemy is an advantage. By knowing them better through their dominant characteristic, is where you know how to deal with them to your advantage.

How to determine which Ten God Nominates

Remember the term “rooting” one of the way to see the strength of a Day Master? Other than identify the strength of the Day Master, the rooting also show the dominant Ten Gods.

Do note that this rooting must be from the same element. For example, a Yi Wood on the heavenly stems can root with a Jia Wood of the earthly branch. In other words, Wood rooted to Wood, Water to Water, so on and so forth. However the Ten God that appear on the heavenly stem of the day pillar does not apply in this case.

What tells

The qualities and personalities associated with the Ten Gods are prominent or obvious, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)! These qualities will rule a person’s mindset and behaviors be it positive or negative.

The absent Ten Gods

Most chart does not have a complete Ten Gods or Stars. The missing star will also show the missing character or traits of an individual.

For example, the missing Ten God is Indirect Wealth, this means the traits and qualities associated with the Indirect Wealth do not exist in a person’s character.

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