The Dominant Force of Feng Shui

Natural Landform

The natural landform is the dominant force in Feng Shui application as it is where Qi generates, collects, and disperse.

There are two types of Qi, namely “Sha Qi” and “Sheng Qi”. “Sha Qi” means negative Qi, and “Sheng Qi” means positive.

Natural landforms carry constant flow of Qi (natural energy), it refers to mountains and water such as lakes, ponds, rivers, and so forth. Mountain is the Yin feature and water is Yang.

In Feng Shui, the priority is to access the landform before the intended property. This is to ensure the presence of Qi in the surrounding area, and external landform supports the property.

An open space in front of a property is beneficial. Open space is where Qi collects and settles before it is dispersed throughout the property.

In Feng Shui, we seek balance. A property with mountains and water is said to have a balance of Yin and Yang. For water, we need to see calm water and not gushing water. The noise from gushing water is considered negative Qi. Water also needs to be clean in order to harness Qi.

However, one also needs “heaven luck” to successfully obtain a good Feng Shui property, otherwise finding a good property will be a challenge.

Do note that Feng Shui in a property will change every 20 years. Period 8 will end by February 2024 and period 9 will begin its cycle for another 20 years.

Location and Direction

The location of natural landforms is important as some sectors favor water features and some favor mountain.

Until Year 2043FavorableUnfavorable
MountainNorthwest, West, Northeast, SouthEast, South East, North, South West
WaterEast, South East, North, South WestNorthwest, West, Northeast, South

If you have mountains in the preferred sectors, then your property is regarded as superior or good. This means that the occupants have a good relationship, happiness, and fertility.

Feng Shui in the Big City

In a crowded city, residential areas are mostly apartments and condominiums. As land is limited, it is quite difficult to get a landed property near the mountain or river. Thus virtual landforms are taken into consideration such as swimming pools or the road and highways which also serve the same purpose as a natural landform.

Traffic flow is one example of virtual water as well. Can you imagine the traffic flow from one end to another which is similar to water flow in streams or river. Man-made structures such as buildings, skyscrapers can be identified as mountains in virtual landforms.

For a perfect Feng Shui-ed house, the best is to purchase land with a good surrounding landform to build one’s property. But this is near impossible these days either one can’t afford it or due to land scarcity.

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