The Day Master

The “Day Master” (DM) is you, it is all about you! It represents you in a BaZi chart and your relationship with the elements and the other pillars such as the Year, Month, and Hour pillars as well as the ten-year luck cycle.

The main reason for getting a BaZi chart read is to understand yourself, and your life’s potential, capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, and so forth. The Day Master is the focal point for analyzing a chart.

The strength of a Day Master is determined by the season of birth, whether you are born in season. If a chart owner is born in season, then it is considered that the Day Master is strong. If not, then it is considered a weak Day Master. Do note that the strength of a Day Master does not determine the quality of a chart.

Season of Birth

For example, a Rabbit born in the Autumn season is considered weak, as Autumn is a metal season, and Rabbit is a wood element. Wood will not prosper in the metal season as metal controls wood. You may refer back to the elemental cycles to understand the logic.

SeasonAnimal SignStrong ElementsWeak Elements
SpringTiger, Rabbit, DragonWood, FireWater, Metal, Earth
SummerSnake, Horse, GoatFire, EarthWood, Water, Metal
AutumnMonkey, Rooster, DogMetal, WaterEarth, Fire, Wood
WinterPig, Rat, OxWater, WoodMetal, Earth, Fire

Once you have identified your season of birth, then you will be able to identify your favorable and unfavorable elements.

How to Determine Favorable and Unfavorable Elements

If you are a strong Day Master, you favor wealth, influence, and output elements, but not resource and companion. If you are a weak Day Master, then you favor resource and companion elements, but not wealth, influence, and output elements.

However, if you are not born in season but rooted, then you are considered a moderately strong Day Master who shares the same favorable and unfavorable elements with the strong Day Master.

Day MasterFavorable ElementsUnfavorable Elements
Strong or
Moderately Strong
Wealth, Influence, OutputResource, Companion (Friend)
WeakResouce, Companion (Friend)Wealth, Influence, Output

Do note that other factors may also contribute to the strength of a Day Master, such as rooting.


If one not born in season, they may not be considered weak if one has secondary support if the same element is rooted. If a Day Master’s element is rooted, it means having his/her feet firmly stand on the ground, it lends support to the heavenly stems. This applies to all heavenly stems in all the pillars, and not only the Day Master. The connection can be between any of the pillars, as well as the luck cycle. However, the connection on the same pillar has better strength.

Rooting makes an element firm and strong, it can withstand challenges coming their way either it is from the heavenly stems of other pillars or the branches. With or without rooting is equally important in analyzing a chart.

If there’s no root in one’s natal chart, the root can be found in the 10-year luck cycles or annual cycles. Do note that this will be within the cycle period only, unlike the natal chart, it is permanent.

Identify a Rooting

If the same element appears on both the heavenly stem and the branch hidden stem then it is considered rooted, not necessary in the same pillar, it could be the Hour pillar rooted in the Year hidden stem. The heavenly stem has a solid pillar due to the rooting, either with the main qi or sub qi. Another possibility is the Yin Wood rooted in Yang Wood.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom”
“Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” ~ Lao-tzu

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