Ten Gods

Also known as “Shi Shen” in Chinese, the Ten Gods do not relate to any religious or spiritual beings. It is just a name used by the Chinese Philosopher, who prefers to call it God instead of Star. But some refer to it as Deities. I personally would prefer to use Star, thus most of my articles will use the star to represent the Ten Gods.

Back to the basic on the elemental cycles, each of the Day Master will have different Stars that appear at the heavenly stems and hidden stems in a chart. These elements can be distinguished by the Yin and Yang, thus in total there are Ten Stars.

Who Are the Ten Stars

Direct WealthDWIndirect WealthIW
Direct OfficerDO7 Killings7K
Direct ResourceDRIndirect ResourceIR
Eating GodEGHurting OfficerHO
FriendFRob WealthRW

The Elemental Cycle that Produces the Ten Gods

Wealththe element that the Day Master controlDW / IW
Influencethe element that controls the Day MasterDO / 7K
Resourcethe element that produces the Day MasterDR / IR
Outputthe element that the Day Master produceEG / HO
Companionthe same element as the Day MasterF/ RW

For example, for a Yi Wood Day Master, earth represents the wealth star. In terms of Ten Gods, Wu Earth represent by the Direct Wealth and Ji Earth the Indirect Wealth.

What the Ten Gods Represents, Its Characters and Traits

The Stars represent what matters in life, it is the expression of how the 10 heavenly stems interact with each other. For example, are you born gifted with speech or talents, will you marry well, are you better off on your own or work for others, are you conservative or socialist, and so forth.

Below are some examples of the positive and negative characters, traits, and what each God/Star represents in terms of people, matters, and places.

Direct Wealth (DW)

The characteristic of this star is responsible, trustworthiness, law-abiding, diligence, insatiable, and so forth.

Direct Wealth star represents matters that are financially related. It is more on a fixed income type of wealth for example salary or rental income which is fixed.

In terms of people, this star represents the wife for a male, a father, uncle, and godfather for a female, other than that a banker and accountant.

For places, it represents the banks, financial institutions, or ATMs.

Indirect Wealth (IW)

This star is a generous, big picture person, energetic, financially savvy, multi-tasker, irritable, impatient, risk-taker, lack careful, do things quickly but not necessarily thorough, entrepreneurial spirit, an opportunistic eye for money-making, a good negotiator/bargainer, flamboyant, etc.

This star represents income that is not fixed, for example, passive income and commission.

In terms of people, it represents the girlfriend, ex-wife, or mistress for male (in the absence of DW star, this star represents the wife), father for male, father for female only if DW is absent in the chart, skill sets, investors, etc.

In terms of places, it represents the stock market building, boardroom, etc.

Direct Officer (DO)

The characteristic of this star is politeness, independence, obeying laws, honest, reliability, inflexibility, lack of imagination, hesitation, upstanding, upright and principled, disciplined, righteous, etc.

In terms of people, it represents daughter for male, husband for female, maternal grandfather, boss, lawyer, clients, judge, authority, and so forth.

On matters, it represents decision making, reputation, secure clients, promotions, communications, changing jobs, justice, etc.

For places, it represents a legal firm or lawyer’s office, bosses office, courts, and so forth.

Seven Killings (7K)

This star is charismatic, powerful, non-sentimental, problem solver, authoritative, ambitious, sharp, hasty, thoughtless, temperamental, an aggressive go-getter, strong leadership skills, etc.

In terms of people, it represents boyfriend, ex-husband, and or husband for female (in the absence of DO star), son for male, superior/boss (those unreasonable type), stuntmen, and so forth.

For matters, it represents decision making, lawsuits, speeding tickets, adventurous activity, bungee jump, etc.

Direct Resource (DR)

This star is knowledgeable, optimistic, merciful, kind, curious, caring, imaginative, indecisive, overthinking, naïve, a learned cultured person, patient, good natured, civilized, well-behaved, good listener, non-judgmental, relaxed nature, charming, witty, sociable character, love to talk and chat, excellent listener, etc.

In terms of people, it represents mothers for males, noblemen, secretaries, personal assistants, mentors, religious leaders, teachers, monks, and so forth.

On matters, it represents self-worth, soft skills, consciousness, mental health, vacation, medical leave, etc.

For places, it represents an educational center or institution, training room, clinics, hospital, spas, etc.

Indirect Resource (IR)

This star has good instincts, is detail-oriented, is a deep thinker, relaxed, is inventive, cutting corners, weird, suspicious, secretive, temperamental, etc.

The people it represents are a mother for females, a stepmother for males, private investigators, priests, etc.

On matters, it represents mystery, dreams, hobbies, astrology, research, and development, etc.

For places, it represents houses of worship, laboratories, meditation center, etc.

Eating God (EG)

This star is smart, enjoys life, introvert, strategic thinker, meticulous, elegant, perfectionist, loves beautiful things even beautiful people, isolated, anti-social, has high expectations, prefer to be behind the scene, have creative abilities such as performance skills, writing, drawing, singing, painting, speaking, etc.

For people, it represents daughter for female, mother-in-law for male, chef, cook, gourmands, gastronomic, sommelier, etc.

In terms of matters, it represents likes and dislikes, personal taste and style, feelings, achievements, creativity, fine dining, luxurious lifestyles.

For places, it represents historical buildings, beautiful aesthetics, fine dining restaurant, classy places, a stall that serve the most delicious noodles (or any other food) in the city, a high-end shopping mall, etc.

Hurting Officer (HO)

The characteristics of this star are artistic, talkative, extrovert, stand out, optimistic, rebellious, sarcastic, arrogant, have creative abilities such as performance skills, writing, drawing, singing, painting, speaking, etc.

In terms of people it represents, mother-in-law for male, maternal grandfather for female, paternal grandfather for male, the son for female, your subordinate, sales or marketing people, performers, singers, actors, criminal defense lawyers, activists.

On matters, it represents speaking, talking, performing, problem-solving, positive, and negative habits.

For places, it represents the stage, performing halls, nightspots, sales, and marketing department, etc.

Friend (F)

This star usually solves problems by themselves, calm, self-motivator, firm, self-worth, generous, optimists, fair, positive outlook in life, decisive, stubborn, self-centered, insecure, etc.

For people, it represents siblings, family members, friends, colleagues, associates, and so forth.

On matters, it represents one’s identity, dreams, inner self, secrets, experiences, etc.

For places, it represents clubs, places where friends meet and interact.

Rob Wealth (RW)

This star is chatty, great communicators, easy-going, sociable, extroverted, like gossip, competitive, networkers, jealous, boastful, cunning, double-personality, spontaneous, witty character, altruistic, happy go lucky, outgoing, etc.

In terms of people, it represents friends of the opposite sex, teammates, etc.

On matters, it represents shopping, social activities, joint-venture, business partners, and so forth.

For places, it represents stadiums, sports clubs, cafes, shopping malls, etc.

Do note that each and every star will have its positive and negative sides, which both will exert on one’s behavior. How it affects you will depend on the qi quality of the star and whether the star is favorable to the Day Master.

To lessen the strength of the unfavorable elements, one needs to manage them intelligently. To increase the strength of a favorable but weak element, the elements need to be strengthened by using more of it and taking proactive action when the opportunity arises.

“God provides the wind, but man must raise the sails” ~St. Augustine

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