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Expand Your Boundaries

It is never too late to improve one’s self. Either you are in your twenties or fifties there is always something to learn. Not necessarily in growing your wealth, though this is important especially when you are at your younger age, but learning something at whatever your age, is a kind of achievement and contentment. …

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8 Types of House Kua

In Feng Shui, there are 8 types of house Kua. Learn how to determine your house Kua to take charge of the positive energies in your home. East & West Group Sectors Group Houses Auspicious Sectors / Locations(Sheng Qi, Tian Yi, Yan Nian, Fu Wei) Inauspicious Sectors / Locations(Huo Hai, Wu Gui, Liu Sha, Jue …

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House Kua

Other than the sheng qi (good energy) and sha qi (bad energy) which most of us are familiar with, there are 6 more energies that affect our home. Utilizes the good energy in one’s home will improve one’s life. Learn the benefits of how to best use your good sectors. Generally one needs to harness …

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Identify A Wealth Star

Wealth star not only referring to monetary income but also one’s ability to generate assets, career opportunities, one’s skills, and so forth. The location and whether or not the wealth star is a favorable element to a Day Master are both deem important. You may notice that some people can amass wealth easily and some …

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Why Feng Shui

“Feng Shui” means Wind and Water in Chinese and is famously practiced in this modern era by the old and young generation. Many houses and offices are now Feng Shui compliance. Different practitioners have different ways of practicing this art. Some used the art of placement or wearing charms. But some is about the natural …

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The Dominant Force of Feng Shui

Natural Landform The natural landform is the dominant force in Feng Shui application as it is where Qi generates, collects, and disperse. There are two types of Qi, namely “Sha Qi” and “Sheng Qi”. “Sha Qi” means negative Qi, and “Sheng Qi” means positive. Natural landforms carry constant flow of Qi (natural energy), it refers …

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Companion Star

A companion star represents your friends, siblings, peers, colleagues, competitors, and also yourself, your self-identity, confidence, and self-esteem. It also governs your affinity with this group of people. When the companion star is favorable, it will exert the positive side of the element, vice versa when unfavorable, then the negative side of it will manifest. …

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