Share Your Happiness

How far have you come in life, are you grateful? Looking back, we may experience a bad childhood or any unhappy event that we are glad that has passed. Recall back, would you be grateful if someone were to appear in that moment to help you or make your life better? We do, of course, but sometimes there are reasons why things happen to us and no one was there to help. Some said it is karma, but some said it is just bad luck. There are many people in this world who experience unfortunate events, but would you want to make a difference?

Being grateful will let you see other’s needs even in a very simple way. We are thankful if we have enough food to fill our stomachs whenever we are hungry. We are thankful whenever we need something and we are able to buy to pamper ourselves. Appreciate everything you have, the sunlight, the air we breathe, the food, clothing, shoes, and much other stuff that give us comfort.

Perhaps contribute a little help today to make someone’s life a little better. Maybe start counting your blessings!

Spread Your Love

Gratitude brings happiness. It is not about how much you donate to a charity organization, but the little effort that you do on a daily basis that counts. In today’s world, time is bad, some struggle to make ends meet to feed their family, but are still in the position to bring kindness to others with the right action. If you are the fortunate ones, do share your blessings, sharing is an act of giving, it promotes gratitude too.

A small deed that worth pondering:

  1. Help someone finding a job, this will help them to afford the basic necessity and life is more meaningful.
  2. Collect unused groceries from your colleagues and send them to the homeless.
  3. Share your lunch with the needy if you are not able to finish it. You may do so by packing the other half portion and give it away to the needy on your way back from lunch or even feed the strays in your neighborhood.
  4. If you are an animal lover, perhaps adopt one at Soi Dog Foundation.
  5. Whenever you achieve something today, giveaway a dollar to the needy at the roadside.
  6. Give back to the local community by doing voluntary works whenever time permits.
  7. If you have a small garden, perhaps plant some vegetables to feed the orphanage.
  8. Donate old belongings to brighten someone’s day. It may be trash to you, but a gift to someone.
  9. Join the befrienders and give moral or emotional support to those who need it.

Make The World A Better Place

It is not about finding time, but be someone that has the heart to make the world a better place to live. Help others voluntarily and expect nothing in return, volunteers are priceless! Be the one that makes the changes!

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands – one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

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