Resource Star

The resource star governs your mood, knowledge, capabilities, thoughts, how you feel, your health, and outlook in life.

“A recap”

We identify elemental strength by looking at the strength of the Day Master whether it is weak or strong.

A Day Master is strong if it is born in season, vice versa is weak when it is not born in season.

If a Day Master is rooted, then it is considered a moderately strong Day Master. Thus also favors the same elements as the strong Day Master ie output, wealth, and influence elements, but does not favor the friend and resource elements.

Whereas the weak Day Master favors their own element and also resource element, but not output, wealth, and influence elements.

Do remember that we are able to control any bad star, as the activity we choose to act on is within our control.

Again, we are looking at the quality of the star, and not quantity.

How to Identify the Resource Element

A resource star is an element that produces the element of the Day Master. For example, if you are a wood Day Master, then your resource star is water, as water produces wood in the producing cycle.

Favorable Resource Star

A favorable resource star will enable one to think positively, confidently, and optimistic. The person with a positive star appears happy as they have a feel-good mood all the time.

The favorable star also brings helpful people in one’s life which is also known as noblemen. Whenever one has challenges, someone will come into their life to lead them towards achieving their intended outcome.

If a resource star is favorable, one needs to learn new skill whenever they can, as this star support such activity.

Unfavorable Resource Star

An unfavorable resource star will affect one with a sad and lonely feeling inside them even though one has a good life. It is the pessimistic mind that is inside them that causing the bad feeling.

One should apply their knowledge or skill if the resource star is unfavorable so that it can be put to good use, rather than keeping to oneself.

Too many resource stars will make one remain in their comfort zone, as there is no internal push. As this star also represent one’s thoughts, so will cause one to think too much and doubtful.

Other representation

Other than the above, the star also represents a mother as it produces the element of the Day Master. The relationship with the mother will be smooth if the star is positive and vice versa if negative.

Documents that are related to the Day Master is also represented by this star, eg marriage certificate, passport, licenses, and so forth.

This star is about your comfort, feel-good potions, things you like and favor, such as supplements, food, and so forth.

Thus a resource star is basically about your internal power, as it is more on the inside of you.

“Good things happen when you set your priorities straight” ~Scott Caan

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