Ren Water Day Master

Ren Water aka Yang Water represented by a huge amount of water such as the ocean, rivers, waterfalls and lakes.

This Day Master is an extrovert and outgoing, controlling them is a big no-no, as they like freedom. Like water they constantly move, even underneath. Though they are easy-going, do watch out as they can destroy or crush others.

Notes: The characteristics shown below depend on the strength of your day master. Each element in your BaZi chart plays an important role and influence the quality of your BaZi chart. Whether or not you have such attributes very much depends on other elements in your chart. The best way to find out is, you know yourself better whether or not you have such traits, then take the next step from there to improve yourself towards a more positive life.


Yang Water people easily adapt to new situations and surroundings. This makes them easy to work with, and they are quick in producing high-quality work.

They are calm even in a tense situation, this makes them a perfect problem solver!


Ren Water day master does not waste resources and funds allocated for their projects. They ensure that their team keep to the allocated budget until the completion of a project.

Quick Thinker

They are creative, innovative, smart, clever, adventurous, you name it! With these talents, they can overcome problems that others can’t with their quick thinking. This makes them highly competent in a high pace environment.

They like to analyze and learning new things motivate them. They never get tired in improving themselves!


Yang Water people is unpredictable as they behave in a good and bad ways based on the surrounding environment and the people they are dealing with.

They are easily influenced thus makes them disloyal. This trait makes some people stay away from them.


Quite a straightforward person, this day master is very fair if anyone were to get their opinion over conflicts or disagreements. Usually, they will be honest in handling the situation and not take sides.

Quick Learner with Exceptional Memory

They have excellent memory, are also able to learn quickly, and like to educate themselves as they move forward.

Their confidence, open-mindedness and flexibility contribute to their success. They make great leaders.

However, do watch out as they can remember everything, be it good or bad.

Easily Manipulated

Though they are peaceful in nature, they are easily manipulated and distracted. Their personality and character very much affected by the environment they are in, and the people surrounding them.

Like water, they form their shape according to the holder or container. They need to ensure to surround themselves with the right people.

A Social Butterfly

With their easy going nature, people find them delightful and charming!

They can easily make new friends wherever they go, and doing so allows them to explore new places and learn something new with their newly build connections.

The connections they built are not only meant as casual friends but a friendship that will benefit their business objectives or even personal passion.

Like the wide ocean, they have an extensive network, and they are charismatic, charming, and social butterflies!

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