Output Star

The output star governs one’s ability to communicate, present themselves, persuade, innovate, and perform.

“A recap”

We identify elemental strength by looking at the strength of the Day Master whether it is weak or strong.

A Day Master is strong if it is born in season, vice versa is weak when it is not born in season.

If a Day Master is rooted, then it is considered a moderately strong Day Master. Thus also favors the same elements as the strong Day Master ie output, wealth, and influence elements, but does not favor the friend and resource elements.

Whereas the weak Day Master favors their own element and also resource element, but not output, wealth, and influence elements.

Do remember that we are able to control any bad star, as the activity we choose to act on is within our control.

Again, we are looking at the quality of the star, and not quantity.

It will be ideal if the star appears in the heavenly stems so that one’s ability can be seen easily. However, on the negative side, one can be viewed as arrogant or flaunt. If one’s output is hidden inside the hidden stem, one’s capability can only be seen when you get to know them closer, as it is not obvious.

How to Identify the Output Element

An output star is represented by the element that the Day Master produces. For example, if the Day Master is Water, then the output star is wood, as water produces wood in the producing cycle.

Favorable Output Star

A favorable star governs one’s ability to successfully influence one’s mindset or thinking. One is alert and quick in their thinking especially if the output star is fire, as for wood to produce fire, it is almost immediate.

Unfavorable Output Star

An unfavorable output star puts one in a disadvantage position. The weak star is not able to persuade or has the ability to express an idea or opinion.

Other representation

Output star also represents secondary wealth star as it produces the wealth element. With one’s skill and capability, one can still generate wealth. Thus not to worry if you do not have a wealth star in your chart, this works as well.

Anything that is produced by you represents the output star. For example, if you are an antique collector, then all your collections are your output star.

This star also represents children for a lady, as it is the element that the Day Master produce. If the output star is positive then the children will be of good caliber.

” You are only what you are when no one is looking” ~ Robert C. Edwards”

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