How to Manage Unfavorable Elements

One will need to find out the strength of the Day Master whether it is weak or strong before one can identify the unfavorable elements.

For example, a strong/moderately strong Ding Fire Day Master favors metal (wealth), earth (output), and water (influence) elements, and does not favor the wood (resource) and fire (companion) elements. However, a weak Ding Fire Day Master favors wood (resource) and fire (companion) elements and does not favor metal (wealth), earth (output), and water (influence) elements. Thus those elements that the Day Master does not favor would be the unfavorable elements.

Do note that every Day Master would have a different Ten Gods/Stars. For example, a Ding Fire Day Master will have the earth element that represents his/her output star. In terms of Ten Gods/Stars then Wu Earth is the Hurting Officer and Ji Earth is the Eating God. But for a Xin Metal Day Master, water represents his/her output star. In terms of Ten Gods/Stars then Ren Water is the Hurting Officer and Gui Water is the Eating God.

Managing Unfavorable Elements

One needs to refrain from using the unfavorable elements so that the negative effects of the elements will have minimal effects on one’s life.

The easiest way to manage the unfavorable elements would be to avoid the industries represented by those elements. For example, if water is your unfavorable element, then you may avoid industries like tourism, shipping, transport, and so forth. This applies to both jobs or business ventures.

However, not all unfavorable elements are avoidable. For example, the companion star also represents your siblings and close friends, how this star exerts its negative side depends on the matter you are referring to.

For example

If you are looking for advice or suggestion to the problem you are facing, the advice or suggestions were given by this group of people usually doesn’t work or make any sense. This is one example of how this star affects you. Thus, you need to think and use logic before you derive a decision.

But, some may experience siblings or close relatives that only bring pain and drains one’s life. For example, they need you to pay for their debt due to their compulsive gambling habit. In this case, you may have no choice but to stay away or cut ties. However, your decision will very much depend on your relationship with this person and how close you are to this person. Perhaps using another way to help this person instead of monetary assistance.

Another way to manage your unfavorable elements is to watch out for negative characteristic that caused by these elements. You will need to refer to the Ten Gods/Stars to find out which star represents those elements.

For example, for a Ding Fire Day Master, Wu Earth is represented by the Hurting Officer which is unfavorable. Thus the negative characteristic or traits that are inside you will exert, such as stubbornness, suspicion, egotistical, and so forth. You will need to be aware of and control these negative attributes. Perhaps by diverting your thinking to a more positive one when you’re starting to become suspicious. Usually, these bad characters or traits would be the challenges that this person faces.

By understanding your BaZi, you will be able to know which elements play important roles and which will need to take the back seat.

It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters” ~ Epictetus

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