Jia Wood Day Master

Aka Yang Wood, Jia wood represents a strong and sturdy person. Like a huge tree, they can take strong winds and bad weather as it is deeply rooted on the ground. This huge tree is not easily moved unless it is furiously cut down.

Jia Wood represents growth. This day master needs to constantly seek life improvement. They need to keep learning new things and expand their knowledge. As trees continue to grow even though slow, this will lead to a better life for them.

Notes: The characteristics shown below depend on the strength of your day master. Each element in your BaZi chart plays an important role and influence the quality of your BaZi chart. Whether or not you have such attributes very much depends on other elements in your chart. The best way to find out is, you know yourself better whether or not you have such traits, then take the next step from there to improve yourself towards a more positive life.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Speed may not be their strength, thus speeding up will not help them make the right decision, but rather a rush and sometimes a bad decision. They tend to lose their focus when comes to details as thinking through is their weaknesses.

A Jia wood day master may look unpleasantly self-assertive, but actually, they are someone that you can rely on. They do not easily give up even though it takes longer time as they are determined, and will oversee a project until the end. They are hard-working and focused on achieving their goals.

Words Are Genuinely From Their Heart

Straight like a tree, they are inflexible, straightforward, and outspoken which may cause setbacks at times. This makes them not so likable if business deals require someone that can sweet talk to close the deal. They are blunt and not able to say things nicely, but just being direct, and say things genuinely from their heart.

A Big Picture Person

Jia Wood day master is a big picture person, they are not good with meticulous details, but focus on the outcome of a project.

However, they are quick to decide though it may sometimes cause mistakes, as finer details are important to vet through before a decision is made. They need to learn to take the proper steps to reach their goals and not just focus on the outcome.

Kindness Draws People To Them

On the positive side, a Jia Wood person is kind at heart and loyal. Whenever people they know need help, they are ever ready to lend a hand and will be there for them. This also makes people like to lean on them, like a tree, people get closer to enjoy the shade.

A Social Butterfly

Socially oriented and outgoing, that’s Jia Wood Day Master! They favor someone from a similar social standing, and place high priority on connecting with others.

They are an asset at parties, they are comfortable in social situations, can talk to just about anyone, this makes the atmosphere more interesting.

A Pig Headed Person

Jia Wood people will need to pay attention to their temper and learn to be patience. They tend to make rash decisions without much homework done upfront. They need to learn to listen to other’s opinions too before making any important decision so that the desired outcome can be achieved.

Due to their stubbornness, they are reluctant to make changes once they have decided, even though it may cause problems. This action will eventually cause difficulty in their life where they are not able to move forward as they got stuck due to a bad decision.

Looks Good Feels Good

Work-wise they are dedicated, dependable, firm, and a loyal day master. They stay long in a company or business due to their loyal nature. This will steadily build their status and income which will lead to their confidence and feels good which are important to them. They like to look good too and enjoy socializing!

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