Identify Spouse Star

The ancient Chinese parents would normally get a consult on the BaZi of their children and partner before their marriage. What they look for is the compatibility and affinity of each other’s chart which is important for a fulfilling and lasting marriage with descendants. This is to prevent a bad marriage that will suffer and ended in divorce.

Remember that from a BaZi chart, one’s character or personality can be read, whether it is good or bad. During the courtship, one’s true character may not be seen yet, especially if the element only appears on the heavenly stems. I’m sure you heard before “how come before marriage he/she was so caring and loving, and not after!

Planning and Choices

Perhaps at the early stage of a relationship, you may want to look at your chart as well as your partner’s to see whether you both are meant for each other which will lead to “I Do” and “Till Death Do Us Part”.

If this is not the one, you may have a better one that yet to appear in your life, this can be found from your luck cycle. One does not need to rush into marriage simply because of the word “Married” or because all your friends are already married. Planning ahead is possible with BaZi, as you can read what lies ahead and what choices you have.

But, do note that one may not have the advantages on their side when comes to relationship, if one’s chart said so. We can’t change Heaven Luck, but rest assured that BaZi is not the be-all and end-all. There are other areas that we can improve in life through Earth Luck and Man Luck.

Relationship Stars

There are few stars that represent relationships in BaZi.


Wealth Element
Direct Wealth (DW) represent the wife
Indirect Wealth (IW) represent the girlfriend, relationship before marriage, ex-wife, mistress
Note: in the absence of DW in a chart, then IW will represent the spouse star


Influence Element
Direct Officer (DO) represent the husband
7 Killings (7K) represent the boyfriend, relationship before marriage, ex-husband
Note: in the absence of DO in a chart, then 7K will represent the spouse star

Heavenly Stems Combination

A combined heavenly stems means good affinity with each other as well as the relationship.

Jia / Yang Wood&Ji / Yin Earth
Yi / Yin Wood&Geng / Yang Metal
Bing / Yang Fire&Xin / Yin Metal
Ding / Yin Fire&Ren / Yang Water
Wu / Yang Earth&Gui / Yin Water

Identify A Spouse Palace

The spouse palace should not be clashed even combined, the best is to be left alone, so there’s no issue that will affect the pillar. If a spouse star is of good quality and is favorable to the Day Master, then generally one’s marriage is good. Finding that ideal spouse is not much of a challenge too.

Location of Spouse Star and What It Means

Spouse Star Appears on Spouse Palace in the Branch

It would be ideal to have a spouse star appear on the spouse palace. As this palace is the home for the spouse. A better quality marriage and relationship is also within reach. However, this is only favorable if there is only one spouse star appear on the Main Qi.

In BaZi, one good quality star is good enough and not quantity. Too many spouses star in the spouse palace or other branches will cause relationship instability and trouble.

Spouse Star Appears on the
Heavenly Stem

This is considered moderately favorable as it appears next to the Day Master, either on the Month or Hour pillar. The appearance of Star on the Heavenly Stem also means it’s visible, the spouse star can be seen.

If the element of the spouse star is combined with the Day Master, then it is even better. For example, the Day Master is Jia Wood and the Spouse Element is Ji Earth.

Spouse Star Appears on the
Heavenly Stem with Companion Star

If the Spouse Star appears distant from the Day Master such as the Year Pillar then it is considered not so favorable. The problem will arise when there is a companion star appear in between the Day Master and the Spouse Star. Even worst if the companion star is able to combine with the Day Master.

For example, Yi Wood Day Master combined with Geng Metal Companion Star. Then the Day Master will be courted by the Companion Star easily, as both elements are combined, and next to each other.

Another scenario would be the companion star appear in the Year Pillar and the spouse star appears in the month pillar.

In this situation, not only the Day Master wanted to combine with the Spouse Star, so does the Companion Star. Both will fight to combine.

Too Many or Zero Spouse Star

If one has too many spouse stars in their chart, their relationship will be a mess. As they may make the wrong decision when their emotion is running high and then end up in divorce. So, one good star is sufficient.

If none, it’s not the end of the world, one just needs to put more effort into finding one and work harder to build the relationship. If having a spouse and family is important to one’s life.

Understanding your BaZi holds the key in finding Mr or Ms. Right if there is one. In fact, whether or not one gets married these days is not so important, unlike the olden days. If it is really hard to find someone to love you, perhaps begin with loving yourself. As time passes by, you will create a healthy relationship with others, there is when that someone special will appear in your life!

“Confidence is the ability to feel beautiful, without needing someone to tell you” ~ Mandy Hale

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