Identify A Wealth Star

Wealth star not only referring to monetary income but also one’s ability to generate assets, career opportunities, one’s skills, and so forth.

The location and whether or not the wealth star is a favorable element to a Day Master are both deem important. You may notice that some people can amass wealth easily and some work so hard but life is not getting any better. The reason can be found in one’s BaZi.

The appearance of the wealth star in the heavenly stems in one’s natal chart is permanent. However, the changes will come when the star appears in the luck cycle.

“Recap” – wealth element is the element that the Day Master control.

Heavenly Stems Combination

A combined heavenly stems means good affinity and relationship with each other.

Jia / Yang Wood&Ji / Yin Earth
Yi / Yin Wood&Geng / Yang Metal
Bing / Yang Fire&Xin / Yin Metal
Ding / Yin Fire&Ren / Yang Water
Wu / Yang Earth&Gui / Yin Water

Location of Wealth Star

Wealth Star in the Heavenly Stems

A wealth star that appears only on the heavenly stem is not so favorable, regardless of which pillar it appears. Remember that stars or elements that only appear on the stems denote something only on the surface and is apparent. On the outside, these people will be seen as well off, but may not actually in real life.

You need to watch out for the possibility of people come to you when they need help, as you are seen as wealthy to them. Losing money is another possibility when someone wants to con you, you will be their target. Especially if you have a rob wealth star next to your wealth star, that both may be combined away.

To prevent this, you may need to avoid attention by not showing off something that you do not have or have the least.

If this star really has a negative impact on you, you may discipline yourself to save your hard earn money discreetly and to yourself or those that you can trust. Do not flaunt it. Remember, the “Man Luck” is what we are able to control, it is our action that makes the difference.

Wealth Star in the Branches

This location is more ideal than the heavenly stems. The appearance of one’s wealth will not be visible as it is hidden in the branches. One is wealthy in real life but not in the eyes of the outsider, as one does not flaunt the wealth that one has. Another advantage is this star is hidden thus not visible to the Rob Wealth star or being combined away.

This star can appear in any of the pillars, whether it is in the main qi or sub qi.

If You Have Wealth Element – What Does It Mean

The appearance of the wealth element in your BaZi chart shows that generating money or wealth is important for you. You are a practical person who is efficient, systematic and knows to spend your time wisely to prioritize important things to achieve in life. When wealth opportunities knock, you can see and recognize them, rather than miss the opportunity, there’s where you generate your wealth.

Too Many Wealth Star

Too many wealth stars do not indicate one’s wealth if the element is unfavorable to the Day Master. For example, a cashier who works as a money changer dealing with a lot of cash but the money is not his/hers.

Zero Wealth Star

If you have none of this star in your natal chart, you may check your ten-year luck cycle. Another option is to look for an output element (EG / HO) in your natal chart or luck cycle. The output element produces the wealth element, thus it is also able to generate wealth.

If the wealth star is absent in one’s chart, it simply means wealth generation is not important to this person but other matters, perhaps love? This person will spend time chasing other matters which are more important to them rather than wealth. Different people view wealth differently, what about you?

“You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you” ~ Dave Ramsey

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