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Other than the sheng qi (good energy) and sha qi (bad energy) which most of us are familiar with, there are 6 more energies that affect our home. Utilizes the good energy in one’s home will improve one’s life. Learn the benefits of how to best use your good sectors.

Generally one needs to harness the good qi and avoid the bad. However, a complicated configuration would need an advanced application of Feng Shui. But this article is about knowing the energy types and how they contribute to a home.

Let’s deep dive!

House Kua Explains

There are two types of Kua, one is personal life Kua and another is house Kua. From the house Kua number, one is able to locate the auspicious and inauspicious locations in a house. For personal auspicious directions, one can refer to one’s personal life Kua.

House Kua is derived from a sitting and facing of a property. The sectors are divided into the East and West groups. Each group has 4 auspicious locations and another 4 inauspicious locations.

Do note that it is more important to be located in a favorable location (based on house Kua), than being in a bad location but facing one’s favorable direction (based on personal life Kua). If you can achieve both by being in a good location and facing your best direction then it would be ideal.

Favorable Locations

Best is to have the positive energy in these locations. It all depends on the needs of an individual before placing them in such room.

  1. Bed room – other than sleeping, you may use this area for reading as well. One may also use this area for meditating to find peace and clarity in life.
  2. Living room – any activity at this area will benefit you. Perhaps you may use this area to start working on self-improvements.
  3. Study room – this could be in a bedroom as well for some. Use this room for your important projects, or any research that you need to improve your career or studies.
Sheng Qi (Life Generating)Strongest energy amongst all. Growth energy that brings wealth opportunities, status, career improvements, and authority.
This energy attracts prosperity, reputation, wealth and helps in career or business growth. This is the best direction to use for important matters in life.
Tian Yi (Health)This energy promotes good health, it would be good to be located in this room to improve one’s health. Especially those in the recovery process of an illness. One may also sleep with the head pointing to this direction based on their personal life Kua.
Another benefit is that it brings noble people to one’s life or even a mentor. If this is what you need, then this location would be suitable to tab into.
Yan Nian (Relationships)This energy strengthens relationships luck and improves connections! A good sector to face while working though!
Fu Wei (Internal Growth)Relaxing energy that helps you unwind to gain mental clarity, or achieving a calming mind. It is best use to meditate or resting.

Unfavorable Locations

It would be good if the bad energy falls on these areas, as it is less use or minimally used in terms of usage time, thus the impact is also minimal or none.

  1. Toilet – you do not spend so much time in here, thus not to worry if your toilet falls in the bad areas.
  2. Wash area – another not so important area and less use area, thus not an issue.
  3. Kitchen – this is an important area as it is where food is prepared that contribute to one’s health. But the best location for a kitchen is at the bad sector! This helps to suppress the bad energy of a home. However, you will need to ensure that your stove (where the knob is) is facing a good direction, this is IMPORTANT!

Do be extra careful when renovating the bad locations, good timing is very important. This is to prevent activating the bad star that falls on that area based on the annual flying star.

Hua Hai (Mishaps)This negative energy contributes to irritating problems, frustrations, but not harmful.
Wu Gui (Five Ghost)This energy causes setbacks, sickness, quarrels, back-stabbing, violence.
Liu Sha (Six Killings)This energy brings legal issues, scandals, quarrels, injury, missed opportunities and a negative mind.
Jue Ming (Total Lost)This energy causes misfortune for example bad health, injuries, marital setbacks, depression. Most harmful, greatly affect your overall well-being.

Using the Good & Avoid The Bad

One can enjoy the positive energy by simply be in the sector. If you do not have the choice of being in that particular sector, for example, it is a toilet, then you may use the other available positive sectors.

However, not all houses will be built perfectly according to the usable sectors, unless one buy an empty land and build based on this formula. This would be the reason why one needs to have the basic knowledge of screening a house externally and internally before owning them.

Once you know how to screen your house, then you have the choice of choosing a better one with more usable positive areas than the negative. For example, the negative area is the toilet and wash area, where the family members do not spend much time there. Then the negative energy will have minimal impact on the family members. This is an example of how one can avoid the negative areas.

It is not easy to find a house without flaws. Bear in mind that if you could achieve 2 out of 3 good ones, it is considered ideal!

Do pay attention to your BaZi whether you are going through a good heaven luck, as this also helps you in finding a good property. But if not, either you plan ahead and take action during the good period, or you just need to put more effort in getting one. Never worry about action, but inaction!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit” ~ Aristotle

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