Geng Metal Day Master

Aka Yang Metal, this Day Master represents strong or bulky metal such as an axe or aluminum bars. Though appear tough and solid on the outside, this day master is considerate and soft on the inside.

Notes: The characteristics shown below depend on the strength of your day master. Each element in your BaZi chart plays an important role and influence the quality of your BaZi chart. Whether or not you have such attributes very much depends on other elements in your chart. The best way to find out is, you know yourself better whether or not you have such traits, then take the next step from there to improve yourself towards a more positive life.


Giving one assistance is not a problem for this day master. They are more than willing to help a friend in need, especially those who are close to them.

They also do not condone injustice or discrimination, as they are very righteous in person. They will protect those who are weaker and fight for their rights.

Have Great Endurance

Yang Metal day master is not someone that will give up easily. They can stand hardship, and high stress in life be it career or personal.

They have great endurance power, their sturdy characters will not be easily manipulated, they have the ability to move on despite a lot of difficulties and challenges.


This bold day master takes experiences heads on, seeing the world from a different perspective to experience something new. They stretch their comfort zone to reach their dreams, they have high tolerance for risk.

If you are one of the adventurous type, they are fun to be with as they will come up with ideas most people would never think of or be willing to do.


Yang Metal day masters can sometimes be stubborn and not listen to others as they want things to get done fast and according to their plans especially if they are leading the team.

They just want to make progress and move forward as they are independent and do not seek opinion of others.

This can sometimes create a misunderstanding as they are too committed as a leader.


Geng Metal is a risk-taker, challenging environment will not kill them, but only makes them stronger. They will go all the way out to achieve their goals, as they are action taker.

Nothing will stop them from achieving their wants, as they have a high spirit that makes them move and not waste time.


Going through hardship will improve them further. Like a raw metal, after forged will become something useful such as an axe, sword, or even aluminum bars.

If you are a Geng Day Master, you need to get out of your comfort zone to become a useful day master. Otherwise, you will become someone that has no direction or principle in life.

Believe in yourself, Geng Metal has the ability to win in life, be that winner!


Being grateful is part of them, they appreciate the helps that given to them, they will not take that for granted.

They will take a moment to appreciate someone’s effort in helping them, and in return they show care and take good care of them.

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