Expand Your Boundaries

It is never too late to improve one’s self. Either you are in your twenties or fifties there is always something to learn. Not necessarily in growing your wealth, though this is important especially when you are at your younger age, but learning something at whatever your age, is a kind of achievement and contentment.

Pick up a hobby that interests you is also a learning experience. We learn something new every day whether or not we are aware of it.

Hungry For More

Instill a “hungry for more” mentality to grow to be a better you. Being in your comfort zone will take you no further but a monotonous life. Life is too short to waste, we only live once. Look back and see what have you achieved and make yourself a better person. Increase your value in life and continuously grow and live the life you want.

The only person that you need to challenge is YOU YOURSELF! Dare to change the way you live, the sky the limit!

The internet made the world much more connected and reachable, use it to best benefit you!

Ideas worth pondering:

1) Connect Through Languages

Being multilingual makes you more worthy and leads you far in life. Be it for personal or even career or business use.

  1. Enhance your employment or business opportunities:
    • it will be very impressive to do a presentation in a local language during your business trip, for example in Japan. This makes communication easy, and the locals will have more confidence in doing business with you as you can understand them better.
    • the demand is high and it opens up career opportunities. Professionals that are able to communicate in many different languages stand out from the crowd.
  2. Authentic travel experience:
    • If you have a backpacking goal to travel the world, the more languages you know, the better. You will be able to travel in confidence as communication becomes easier. This opens up your world and you get to explore different cultures.
  3. Boost your self-confidence and popularity:
    • for sure you get praises everywhere you go. whenever anyone needs help, you will be the one they look for.
  4. Makes you smarter:
    • it gives your brain a good workout! Can you imagine the advantage of being an outstanding person that is different from the rest!
2) Journey Into A Better You

A healthy mind makes you happy and grateful so as a healthy body. Healthy doesn’t mean that you need to achieve that “killer body”. No matter your body shape, learn to feel good about your body and self.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, nobody is a perfect 10. Each and every one of us has our own unique way that other people admire. Perhaps you see the best even in a difficult situation, you always stay positive no matter what, these would be the inner beauty that makes people admire or get close to you. And I would say inner beauty is more important than outer appearance. Be joyful, help others without needing any returns. When you feel good, you look good too!

But to some, they have both inner and outer beauty. It is good to have both right?

We all want to be attractive regardless of our gender. But to achieve that we need to plan and discipline ourselves especially if we are on the heavier side. We need to copy those that keep track of their weight and body shapes, how they discipline themselves to stay that way.

If you are already in shape, then congratulations to you! Perhaps you would want to add another point to your inner beauty to help those in need to get their desired outer shape.

If you are on the heavier side, no worry, perhaps begin with the number on the scale or your ideal weight and work from there. Remove all the negative thoughts from your head “it is impossible” and turn them into “it is possible”. Have a mentality and discipline to “Just Do It” on a daily basis without thinking much about your desired body, you will reach there as time passes by.

Time flies, if we continuously do little positive things on a daily basis, we will see the result no matter what. Give yourself more confidence and begin with a baby step. Do not set unrealistic short-term goals though, just do it, waste no time, time will prove your efforts!

3) Sign Language

Learning sign language is just awesome, it opens the door to a different community and allows you to be part of them. Not only it helps you to communicate with the deaf or those that can’t speak, but it is a secret language to use when you want a private conversation with those that understand the language. Another example would be using it when you are diving, this skill lets you communicate with your friend underwater. Other than that it also increases your employability as well.

Besides building your communication skills, this language will enable you to become an interpreter to both worlds, amazing isn’t it?

It always moved me whenever I see or meet those with hearing impairments or disabilities. I feel the missing part in them and my heart sank. With the power of sign language, these people are able to communicate with each other. Time passes where this community is able to reach the world and be part of it. Kudos to those who invented this language, brilliant!

Spread your love with this skill, let’s built some friendships with a different community!

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