Elemental Phases of Natural Energy

Elemental phases of natural energy, aka the cycles that produce the “Qi” that affects our daily life and many other things around us. The five elements that represent the Qi are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Each of the elements consists of the Yin and Yang side of it.

The cycles of the natural energy that appear in the “Four Pillars” explain why things happening. This can be further elaborate for details.

Understanding the Elemental Cycles is of great importance in understanding a Bazi chart. The cycles show whether the elements are producing, weakening, or controlling the effects of the elements. This information is priceless as it helps us decide whether it is time to strive to achieve our goals, or it is time to stay low if the element exerts negative energy.

Remembering the cycles is mere logic, nothing is complicating.

Producing Cycle

The elements in this cycle support and nourish each other, it creates the flow of energy.

  • Water produces Wood – because of water, wood is nourished and grow
  • Wood produces Fire – wood is used to start a fire as fuel
  • Fire produces Earth – when Fire burns the wood it creates earth in the form of ash
  • Earth produces Metal – Earth is mined for Metal (minerals)
  • Metal produces Water – Heated metal when cooled will capture water on the surface in the form of condensation.

Weakening Cycle

In this cycle, it is the weakening part of the elements. For example, the element that produces you (Day Master) is weakening your element, as explained below.

  • Water weakens Metal – water caused metal or steel to rust by corrosion
  • Wood weakens Water – Wood absorbs water to grow thus water is getting lesser
  • Fire weakens Wood – wood will diminish when burning into fire
  • Earth weakens Fire – if too much earth is placed on top of the fire, fire is diminished
  • Metal weakens Earth – during the mining process, the earth is excavated to extract metal/minerals

Controlling Cycle

The controlling cycle is able to balance up the elements, especially those stronger elements. Too strong of an element is also not a good thing, as we seek balance here.

  • Water controls Fire – water can make fire diminished for example by firefighter
  • Wood controls Earth – when wood grows especially the roots, the soil will loosen
  • Fire controls Metal – fire melts the metal to form a useful object
  • Earth controls Water – water has no shape nor sizes only if it contains
  • Metal controls Wood – metal chop wood as in axe

Whether a BaZi chart is balanced or unbalanced is determined by these elements.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” ~ Albert Einstien

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