Ding Fire Day Master

Also known as Yin Fire, this day master represents the small fire that is soft in nature, calm, and reserve, who bring brightness in the dark.

They enjoy inspiring others and leading the path forward, even lighting up someone’s life! Like using a candle lighting the other candles!

However, a small fire can turn into big flames as they can transform quickly depends on the strength of the fire and the direction of the wind. No one is able to predict the danger a small fire can bring.

Notes: The characteristics shown below depend on the strength of your day master. Each element in your BaZi chart plays an important role and influence the quality of your BaZi chart. Whether or not you have such attributes very much depends on other elements in your chart. The best way to find out is, you know yourself better whether or not you have such traits, then take the next step from there to improve yourself towards a more positive life.

Natural Born Leader

This element is the only element that changes the other elements. They can dry up the water, burn the wood into ashes, earth burnout, and melt metals.

They like to lead, coach, and teach which they are good at. Like a candle fire leading people in darkness and guiding them to their destination, discovering other people’s talents is also part of their nature.


Ding Fire day master is very thoughtful. They put others’ needs ahead of them due to their caring nature. However, they must learn to care for themselves and their own needs too. This is to prevent others who are less principled take advantage of them which may damage their self-confidence.

Detail Oriented

They like to explore and dive into details. They normally won’t jump to conclusions, but carefully analyze things before they share them with others.

This also makes them reliable as they are thorough in the things they do.

Unpredictable Mood

Like the candle fire that shines unsteadily especially when the wind blows. Yin Fire people’s moods can sometimes be unpredictable and inconsistent, so may be seen as temperamental. They need to learn to control their mood and emotions so that they will not cause unnecessary issues.

Attention Seeker

Ding Fire people are quite clingy, as they expect people to take care of them the way they care for others. They pay special attention to others’ needs so they would want the same in return.

If they overdo this, the emotional instability can sometimes be annoying and can turn people off and stay away from them. They need to learn that they do not need others to make them happy, they know very well how to care for themselves and be happy.


Ding Fire people are well-spoken. They have the selling power that makes their customer listen and agree with them on the products or services they are presenting. They talk eloquently through precise details which makes people pay attention and be convinced of the products or services they are selling.

However, they need to be careful when dealing with difficult customers as these people may see them as too pushy just to make the sale. Though they have the ability to listen and talk well, they also need to pay attention to their customers’ feedback too.

Admirable & Fun-loving

This day master does not turn people away even though they are occupied. They have the soft side that couldn’t push away people that need their help. This makes people admire them as they respect and take care of the people around them.

With their cheerful and bright nature, they are fun to be around too!

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