Companion Star

A companion star represents your friends, siblings, peers, colleagues, competitors, and also yourself, your self-identity, confidence, and self-esteem. It also governs your affinity with this group of people.

When the companion star is favorable, it will exert the positive side of the element, vice versa when unfavorable, then the negative side of it will manifest. This will affect you in real life.

“A recap”

We identify elemental strength by looking at the strength of the Day Master whether it is weak or strong.

A Day Master is strong if it is born in season, vice versa is weak when it is not born in season.

If a Day Master is rooted, then it is considered a moderately strong Day Master. Thus also favors the same elements as the strong Day Master ie output, wealth, and influence elements, but does not favor the friend and resource elements.

Whereas the weak Day Master favors their own element and also resource element, but not output, wealth, and influence elements.

Do remember that we are able to control any bad star, as the activity we choose to act on is within our control.

Again, we are looking at the quality of the star, and not quantity.

How to Identify A Companion Star

In BaZi, the element that is the same as your Day Master is your companion star.

Favorable Companion Star

When your companion star is your favorable or strong element, you will get all the support from this group of people. They are the one that comes to your rescue when you are in trouble or in need of any support, even when you did not ask for it. These people are beneficial to you.

You are also a very confident person with high self-esteem and enjoy gatherings, parties, being around people, being sociable, etc.

Unfavorable Companion Star

When this star is an unfavorable element or weak, it will exert the negative side. Your confidence level is low, and you like to be left alone and do not enjoy socializing.

A negative star may bring you the experience of siblings, friends, or colleagues that are just a taker, they don’t really appreciate what you did for them but you yourself voluntarily rendered help without them asking. Perhaps you need to remind yourself that not everyone is worth your time, so there is no need to appease them all.

Whether you have a negative or positive companion star, try to look back and see whether you really experience the effects of the star.

“A real friend is the one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out” ~Walter Windchell

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