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8 Types of House Kua

In Feng Shui, there are 8 types of house Kua. Learn how to determine your house Kua to take charge of the positive energies in your home. East & West Group Sectors Group Houses Auspicious Sectors / Locations(Sheng Qi, Tian Yi, Yan Nian, Fu Wei) Inauspicious Sectors / Locations(Huo Hai, Wu Gui, Liu Sha, Jue …

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Personal Life Kua

Personal Kua number can be derived from one’s birth details. This number helps one to find the auspicious and inauspicious personal directions. One is to use the auspicious directions for personal success and important matters and avoid the inauspicious. There are two types of Kua, one is personal life Kua and another is the house …

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House Kua

Other than the sheng qi (good energy) and sha qi (bad energy) which most of us are familiar with, there are 6 more energies that affect our home. Utilizes the good energy in one’s home will improve one’s life. Learn the benefits of how to best use your good sectors. Generally one needs to harness …

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Feng Shui DIY – Internal

Positive internal qi is also as important as the external qi. The positive attributes inside a property are crucial for one to enjoy the beneficial effect of the qi. One needs to ensure that the external forms comply before one looks at the internal. Important Factors The Main Door Known as the qi mouth of …

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Feng Shui DIY – External

It is good to have some basic knowledge in screening a property before one made a final decision in owning a property. Learning how to DIY is not that difficult actually. With good feng shui, one is able to enjoy better health, wealth, and relationship. Why not give it a try! Natural Landform Natural landforms …

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Why Feng Shui

“Feng Shui” means Wind and Water in Chinese and is famously practiced in this modern era by the old and young generation. Many houses and offices are now Feng Shui compliance. Different practitioners have different ways of practicing this art. Some used the art of placement or wearing charms. But some is about the natural …

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The Dominant Force of Feng Shui

Natural Landform The natural landform is the dominant force in Feng Shui application as it is where Qi generates, collects, and disperse. There are two types of Qi, namely “Sha Qi” and “Sheng Qi”. “Sha Qi” means negative Qi, and “Sheng Qi” means positive. Natural landforms carry constant flow of Qi (natural energy), it refers …

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