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Wealth Star

The most sought-after star amongst the five elements is the Wealth Star. Do you have what it takes to be wealthy? From a BaZi chart, one will be able to find out one’s ability to amass wealth. The wealth star not only represents money but also your assets, the things that you own, and the …

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Understanding BaZi

BaZi means “eight characters” in Chinese, also known as “Four Pillars of Destiny”. The pillars represent the Year, Month, Day, and Hour. Each pillar has 2 characters, one in the heavenly stem and another in the earthly branch, thus in total 8 characters. A BaZi chart is derived from one’s date and time of birth. …

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Companion Star

A companion star represents your friends, siblings, peers, colleagues, competitors, and also yourself, your self-identity, confidence, and self-esteem. It also governs your affinity with this group of people. When the companion star is favorable, it will exert the positive side of the element, vice versa when unfavorable, then the negative side of it will manifest. …

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The Day Master

The “Day Master” (DM) is you, it is all about you! It represents you in a BaZi chart and your relationship with the elements and the other pillars such as the Year, Month, and Hour pillars as well as the ten-year luck cycle. The main reason for getting a BaZi chart read is to understand …

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Balanced and Unbalanced Chart

A Balanced Chart A good BaZi chart is a balanced chart, meaning the chart has both Yin and Yang elemental polarities, and the five elements are present in the chart supporting each other, plus no serious damage or afflictions between the elements. Basically, this means the life of this person is easy, pleasant, secure, and …

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