BaZi – The Spouse or Marriage Element

The appearance of the spouse element in your BaZi chart shows the potential of meeting your romantic life partner, wife, or husband.

Ten Gods that Represent Your Spouse Element

The Ten Gods in a BaZi chart that represents these elements are shown in the below table.

To further understand on how to identify these stars or elements, refer to another article ie Identify Spouse Star

Direct Wealth (DW)Life partner or wife for Male
Indirect Wealth (IW)In the absence of DW, IW represents the wife element.
Otherwise, it represents girlfriend before marriage or mistress after marriage for Male
Direct Officer (DO)Life partner or husband for Female
7 Killing (7K)In the absence of DO, 7K represents the husband element.
Otherwise, it represents boyfriend before or after marriage for Female

Which Element Represent Your Spouse

The below table shows the element that represent your spouse in a BaZi chart based on the element of your Day Master.

For example, if your Day Master is Wood, then the Metal element represents your husband for the female, and Earth element represents your wife for the male, and so forth.

As for girlfriend and boyfriend, it depends on whether your self element is Yin or Yang.

For example:

1) Female Yin Wood Day Master – husband is Yang Metal / boyfriend is Yin Metal.

2) Male Yin Wood Day Master – wife is Yang Earth / girlfriend is Yin Earth.

Self Element or
Day Master
(for Female)
(for Male)
Jia WoodXin MetalJi Earth
Yi WoodGeng MetalWu Earth
Bing FireGui WaterXin Metal
Ding FireRen WaterGeng Metal
Wu EarthYi WoodGui Water
Ji EarthJia WoodRen Water
Geng MetalDing FireYi Wood
Xin MetalBing FireJia Wood
Ren WaterJi EarthDing Fire
Gui WaterWu EarthBing Fire

What If You Do Not Have a Spouse Star

If there is no spouse star in your natal chart, then look for the 10-year luck cycle or even yearly.

However, the appearance of this star only stays within the period e.g. 10 years or yearly. But, if the next 10-year luck cycle or the following year shows the appearance of this element, then either is a continuation of the existing relationship, or you will meet someone new.

If there’s none at all, even in the luck cycle, this doesn’t mean you will not be able to meet anyone. If you do meet someone, perhaps not a very fulfilling relationship or one-sided.

Staying in a relationship is a choice, if you think is worth keeping, the only thing you can do is be patience.

What If You Do Have, Where Can You Meet Them

If depends on where the star appears, e.g. if appears in the Year column, then it means from your social circle of friends., if month then your workplace.

Are You Worth Loving

Before judging your potential life partner, you need to be worth loving yourself. Are you able to bring happiness to your other half, do you care for him/her even when they are at their worst time?

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