Balanced and Unbalanced Chart

A Balanced Chart

A good BaZi chart is a balanced chart, meaning the chart has both Yin and Yang elemental polarities, and the five elements are present in the chart supporting each other, plus no serious damage or afflictions between the elements.

Basically, this means the life of this person is easy, pleasant, secure, and without challenges nor obstacles. This is because the Qi flow in the chart can flow easily without blockages. For a chart that has a strong resource element, it is even better, as the resource is the element that produces the day master.

However, the downside of this comfort would make a person lack self-improvement if they are happy with their life as it is.

Frankly, many of us would wish to have this type of chart, unfortunately, we do not get to choose our BaZi chart.

An Unbalanced Chart

This chart has the reverse side of the balanced chart where there are obstacles and blockages in life which may affect them in terms of health, wealth, career, and so forth. However, the seriousness of the energy imbalances will very much depend on what is the missing element. For example, if the missing element is fire, then this person will be lack passion and happiness, as fire represent zest in life.

Nevertheless, an unbalanced chart may be more interesting as the challenges will make one put more effort into achieving their goals in life, and in return, they have a more fulfilling life. If everything is given to you on a silver platter, you don’t see the importance of improving yourself, and you may not reach the full potential that you are capable of.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why” ~ Mark Twain

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