8 Types of House Kua

In Feng Shui, there are 8 types of house Kua. Learn how to determine your house Kua to take charge of the positive energies in your home.

East & West Group Sectors

East Group – 1, 3, 4, 9 / West Group – 2, 5, 6, 7, 8
Group HousesAuspicious Sectors / Locations
(Sheng Qi, Tian Yi, Yan Nian, Fu Wei)
Inauspicious Sectors / Locations
(Huo Hai, Wu Gui, Liu Sha, Jue Ming)
EastNorth, East, South East, SouthSouth West, North West, West, North East
WestSouth West, North West, West, North EastNorth, East, South East, South

The Facing & Sitting for Each Group

The layout of each house Kua is derived from the sitting and facing direction of a property. One is to use the auspicious sectors for optimal effect of the positive energies.

East Group Houses

Feng Shui South Facing House (Sitting North)
Feng Shui West Facing House (Sitting East)
Feng Shui North West Facing House (Sitting South East)
Feng Shui North Facing House (Sitting South)

West Group Houses

Feng Shui North East Facing House (Sitting South West)
Feng Shui South East Facing House (Sitting North West)
Feng Shui East Facing House (Sitting West)
Feng Shui South West Facing House (Sitting North East)

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