The Power of Invisible Energy

where qi leads the way

the art of miracles

A popular practice since thousands of years ago, Chinese Metaphysics were studied by the Chinese Ancestors who studied the law of nature that governs the universe.

This mystical art was then passed on to their descendants and students who shared this art for generations until today.

Chinese metaphysics is not an easy subject to master. It is a vast subject to learn. Understanding the fundamentals is important such as the Yin and Yang, the five elements, and so forth to begin with.

Natural forms of energy aka “Qi”, consist of 2 polarities known as “Yin” and “Yang”.
“Yin” and “Yang” are constantly moving energy that governs lives.
The interaction is reflected by Male and Female, Day and Night, Happy and Sad, Black and White, Positive and Negative, and so forth.

The five elements aka five phases of “Qi” are the main components of all Chinese Metaphysics studies.
It is the flow of energy that creates the relationship between the elements and the palaces.

For “Qi” to take effect, the cosmic trinity “Heaven”, “Man”, and “Earth” need to be connected.
The trinity is an interdependent and interrelated force.
For example, in Feng Shui, the energy inside the house will not affect anyone if the house is not occupied by humans ie “Man”.

“Heaven Luck” which we were born with based on our date and time of birth, is not within our control. It governs one-third of our life. For example, we do not get to choose our ancestors, parents, relatives, siblings, and so forth. This luck aka “Fate” can be further explored by looking at our BaZi chart.

We do have control over the remaining luck!

“Man Luck” means the action or inaction that we take. This is free will. For example, we choose to take action over something, such as improving ourselves through education to climb the corporate ladder, or we choose to be lazy around.
The result will be a huge different.

“Earth Luck” is the environment energy (Feng Shui) that interacts with our personal energy (BaZi).
For example, practitioners apply Feng Shui to tap into the auspicious energy of the earth in our home, office, and the surrounding natural landforms. Based on our BaZi chart, this unique calculation is derived to improve our journey in life.


BaZi ~ the energy that you are born with


From a BaZi chart, we can identify the problem, such as a missing or weak element.
One needs to proactively take action to improve the elements in order to stabilize one’s BaZi chart, our action is the best remedy.

Planning ahead is possible with BaZi, thus using this knowledge to plan your journey in life. Proper planning is fundamental to success.

Feng Shui ~ the surrounding energy


Feng Shui is used to tap into the good energy of our home, office, natural landform to create the opportunity for one to act on.
As good timing during auspicious energy flow will create tremendous results.

In Chinese Metaphysics, the keyword is BALANCE, regardless of BaZi or Feng Shui.
Balance elements in a chart will create a good energy flow, thus bring the chart owner a stable and smooth life.

When you begin your journey into exploring this art, less is more especially for beginners, do not complicate it, practice what you read, take one step at a time.

Be A Better You


If improving your income is your main goal now, then acquiring relevant knowledge and skills will help grow this area.
Do note that knowledge is power only if you use and apply it in your daily life.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. A heavier side person can also look gorgeous, stylish, and smart-looking if you care enough to look good inside out. Look good, feel good!

If you are in your retirement age, there are many things to learn to better yourself and be happier.
Maybe a new hobby, learn how to dance, find a companion or community that shares the same interest, perhaps learn how to play the piano?

Explore opportunities that come in life, better yourself, be where you want to be regardless of your age!

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”~ Benjamin Franklin

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